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The eIRB Test & Training Site is a replica of the development eIRB environment that is available for training and experimentation.  The test site is internal and only available within the Rutgers network.

eIRB Test & Training Site

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Rutgers electronic Institutional Review Board
electronic Institutional Review Board (eIRB)

The eIRB system is a web-based application for the routing and tracking of IRB submissions.
  • All new, initial applications must be submitted electronically via eIRB
  • Please note that investigators are REQUIRED to submit a protocol with their eIRB submissions.
  • For amendments or continuing reviews of previously IRB-approved paper studies, continue submitting in paper until further notice.

Single IRB Requirement

As of January 21, 2020, ALL funded collaborative human subject research projects will require the use of a Single IRB, not just NIH-funded projects.

If you will be submitting a grant proposal that will include collaborative Human Subjects Research, you will need to obtain the IRB's determination regarding who will serve as the IRB of Record at least six weeks in advance of the submission.

For additional information regarding the process of determining who will be the IRB of record and how to properly include IRB fees in your budget, please contact the following:

IRB Reliance Administrator:  irbrelianceadmin@research.rutgers.edu
Sponsored Programs Office:  Letitia Dean, deanle@research.rutgers.edu

Conversion of ArtSci IRB Paper Studies Into The eIRB System will Be Required Starting January 22, 2020

Arts and Sciences IRB Paper-based Full Board or Expedited studies due for continuing review on or after January 22, 2020 will be required to transition to eIRB (online submission system) rather than renewing in their current paper format. Please be advised the IRB requires that studies are submitted in eIRB approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date due to the time needed for the Committee review. (Contact us for more detail)

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Please Note: Students and guest users may receive a registration page upon initial logon.


Navigate to the following website to reset your password:

You can also contact Rutgers Helpdesk at 833-OIT-HELP (648-4357)

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After signing into this site, you are bound by the terms and conditions set forth when you received your account.

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Guest Accounts

All eIRB users require a Rutgers NetID account in order to login. All non-Rutgers users will be required to request a Rutgers Guest Netid. To do so, please navigate to the following link: https://requests.rutgers.edu

For any questions regarding the Guest Process, please navigate to: https://oit-nb.rutgers.edu/service/guest-netids-and-accounts

Once you have received your guest account (user name and password), your next step is to go to https://eIRB.rutgers.edu , log on, and register. 

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