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Frequently Asked Questions

eIRB Personal Account Questions:

How can I obtain my eIRB username and/or password?

What can I do if I forget my password?
I do not work at Rutgers. How do I get an ID so I can use the eIRB system?
What is the role of the Department/ Division Approver?

eIRB Basic Terminology:

What is a Project?

What is a Workspace?
What is an Activity?
What is a Form?
What is a State?
What is a Continuing Review?
What is a Reportable Event?
What does it mean when my project is in the "Presubmission" state?

Navigating the eIRB System:

The protocol disappeared - why can I no longer see it?

How do I figure out the status of my project?
I received an email that I needed to do something, but when I log in nothing is there.
Why am I receiving a "-1" error message?

Performing Actions in the eIRB System:

How do I add study team members not in the pick list?

How do I withdraw my Protocol/Continuing Review/Modification?
How do I make and submit changes?
How do I create a Renewal or Final Report/Study Closure?
How do I create a Protocol Deviation or Reportable Event?
How do I submit my project for review?

Questions Regarding Consent Forms and Attachments:

I need to edit an approved consent form, but it's locked.

Why are the approved consent forms locked?
I can edit parts of the form but have a problem attaching documents.
I receive a “The page cannot be found.” error when trying to open an attachment.
Where can I find consent form templates and other university forms?


Is there a way to spell check projects in eIRB?  

Does eIRB conform to 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines?
Where can I find additional help, training and guidance?
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